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How can I get the service from world wide?

Ensuring the safety and security of our communities is the duty of every citizen. We all have a responsibility to respect the needs and integrity of one another. This belief has been the driving force from the beginning of the success of Red Star Security.

We shield our clients from loss and liability, and from the malicious and unexpected. We service their needs with everything from mobile and community patrols to security guards and concierges who are ready to act decisively on emergencies with expertise and experience. Our strategic partnerships with municipalities, educational institutes, and community leaders enable us to continue striving for the greater good.

  • We support and stand behind our staff with ongoing training
  • We protect homes and families from the unexpected
  • We provide customer service above and beyond expectations
  • We believe in proactively and visibly doing good for our clients and community
  • We share our expertise and experience for the best client solutions
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How work?

Through a focus on staff and client training, We serve clients with professionalism and technical solutions offered with a human touch.
Home and Office Security

Protecting the people and possessions you cherish is easy with a home Security Services provided by Red Star Security. We pride ourselves on being able to provide you with highest-quality Security Services and Security systems to protect your home or your business.

Event Security

Effective risk prevention and crowd management are at the core of every successful event. Our event security professionals have the experience and know-how to make sure your event runs smoothly.

Document and File Security

We are responsible for the safety of our clients and share our processes and reports with transparency

Guarantee and Safety

We will provide the very best in quality which, in no uncertain terms, means investing heavily into the selection, support, supervision and personal development of our people. We will develop the most responsive customer service programs in the industry by creating strong lines of communication and by investing in leading-edge technology that adds value to our customers.

Our Security Guards are equipped with state of art technology and are fully geared up to meet any security needs that you may have. Our Field staff of Mobile Security Supervisors, Field Supervisors and Account Managers is available 24/7 to immediately respond to any of your security concerns.

  • We shield businesses from loss and liability
  • We over-deliver the value of our client’s investment
  • We train our staff to know and uphold our values