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At Red Star, we’ll take the time to understand the security challenges you face and help you develop an integrated security program customized to address your individual situation, needs and budget.

We strive to provide the highest levels of service to our clients. If you want to get appointment or have a general question about our services, please contact us.


We offer our security services to a diverse clientele across different sectors. Our services are available to the retail sector, commercial set ups and industrial clients as well. Our security guards offer patrolling, manning and guard services at retail centers, commercial outlets, industrial houses, factories and other commercial properties.

We know that every customer has different desires and every site has its own security requirements. So we customize our security services according to your needs. Feel free to inform us about your site rules regarding after hours entry, equipment security or any thing special. We are committed to fulfill your requirement in order to provider you the ideal security to save your precious time, money and energy by providing you peace of mind so that you may use your energy to promote your business.